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March 18, 2014 · by David Gilbert · Other Models, Worley, Larry

Larry writes: Recently my grandson, from Hawaii, was visiting Texas and having a ball. Jordan turned two while he was here. I got out a set of my Cameo Blocks to see if he would like them. He had a blast with the blocks and wheels. He played and played with them. With all his other electronic toys of today at hand, he still wanted to play with these old-fashioned blocks. Guess ol’ A.C. knew his kids, huh? He also made a new friend. He was not afraid of the “Walking Giant” and enjoyed twisting his nose to turn the lights (eyes) on & off. Just thought I’d show others that if you let your grandkids play with these old ACG toys, their imaginations can still work outside of video games.

March 16, 2014 · by David Gilbert · Erector Sets, Other Models, Ware, Dave


  • Dave Ware’s Stegosaurus
  • Dave Ware’s T Rex
  • Dave Ware’s “Wave”
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Dave Ware writes: The flywheel travels down an inclined track, rolling on its axle. It picks up speed slowly as it overcomes the inertia of the flywheel. One turn of the flywheel only advances it the circumference of the axle. When it reaches the end of a track, it is spinning rapidly. It fall off the end of the track and on to the beginning of the next track. Its spin tries to take it up the new track, but a stop prevents that. Eventually it stops spinning and then slowly begins to spin in the reverse direction and down the new track. This continues for 4 tracks. At the end of the last track it falls into a cage.

The bottom of the cage has two insulated strips wired in series with an A58 motor and transformer. The flywheel completes the circuit when it sits in the cage. This causes the motor to wind a string around a pulley and raise the flywheel to the top of the structure and dump it onto the top track. The flywheel then starts its journey over again. Meanwhile, the cage returns to the bottom under its own weight, spinning the unpowered motor backwards.

The flywheel is made of 4 MH wheels mounted on a short axle. Prewar wheels were used as they weight more and thus provide more inertia. P17 spooked wheels highlight the action.


  • Dave Ware's Flywheel in action
  • Full Cycle of Dave Ware's Flywheel
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This layout was assembled at the 2008 National Convention at Clarksville Indiana. Everything fit in the back seat of a compact car. Shown is the trial fit of the larger parts. Smaller parts sat in the bridge, on the floor, or where ever they would fit. Assembly at the convention site took about 3 hours.

Except for the supporting structure of base plates, all models were from the How to Make “Em Manuals with slight modifications. There were 5 telephone poles, 6 light poles*, a lookout tower*, train station*, waiting station*, cantilever bridge*, crossing gate, signal tower and baggage truck all mounted on the platform. The platform also contained a loop of track. In the middle were a billboard, signal tower* and space needle*. Items with a * had lamps mounted on them. Radio Shack lamp sockets were used.

The train consisted of an engine, coal car, tank car and caboose from the 10 1/2 Electric Train Set. In September of 2008 it was reassembled for a hobby night at our church.

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Al writes: Here are some pictures of my custom made display case that I built into the wall in my home office. The case measures over 11 feet long and 4 1/2 feet tall. I installed low voltage recessed lighting along the top and Lionel type yard lights along the bottom. I had a glass contractor come to the house and install the two very heavy sliding glass doors that keep dust and little fingers out of the display. The case is complete now that I have all of the models built that I wanted to display!

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This assembled sound kit is from the 10073 Musical Ferris Wheel Erector Set.

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Bill Klein’s Horse Race

Bill Klein writes: An A49 motor pulls trolleys up that the horses are riding on and then releases them to race down the track. The horses are stopped at the end of the track by automatic brake mechanisms.

Bill Klein’s Lamp

Bill Klein writes: This lamp was featured in a “Manual of Instructions for No. 10 & 12 Master Engineer’s Set, Which Builds All Erector Feature Models”. The book said this lamp could be built with a No. 10 Erector Set. It stands six feet tall, has three electric lights with tree switches and two candle holders added at the top (for when the electricity goes out).


  • Bill Klein’s See-Saw
  • Bill Klein’s Super Top
  • Bill Klein’s Candelabra