Larry Worley’s Grandson

March 18, 2014 · by David Gilbert · Other Models, Worley, Larry

Larry writes: Recently my grandson, from Hawaii, was visiting Texas and having a ball. Jordan turned two while he was here. I got out a set of my Cameo Blocks to see if he would like them. He had a blast with the blocks and wheels. He played and played with them. With all his other electronic toys of today at hand, he still wanted to play with these old-fashioned blocks. Guess ol’ A.C. knew his kids, huh? He also made a new friend. He was not afraid of the “Walking Giant” and enjoyed twisting his nose to turn the lights (eyes) on & off. Just thought I’d show others that if you let your grandkids play with these old ACG toys, their imaginations can still work outside of video games.

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