Member Activities

Have you had a Gilbert display in a public place? Do you have a Gilbert Room that you would like to share? Any other Gilbert related activities? Please contact the Webmaster with your information.

Photos in this collection include:

  • John Sawyer’s 1929 Ford Delivery Truck. John contacted us asking where he could get a copy of the graphics that he saw on vintage trucks in “The Man Who Saved Christmas” movie. He was restoring a 1929 Ford delivery truck and wanted to put similar graphics on it. We directed him to Bill Bean, who kindly supplied him with a picture. The result is shown below. For information about the sign, contact John Sawyer at
  • Bob O’Neill’s display for a newspaper article. Bob O’Neill Writes: This is the display I set up in my drive way for the news paper article the local paper did on the 2010 national convention. One of the things that came out of the belated article the local weekly did on us is that I received several calls from people that had Erector sets they wanted to sell or give away! I wound up picking up several including a 1935 7-1/2 Ferris wheel set in almost new condition and a wood box steam shovel set. It was complete but rusty. It will be restored. I also was contacted by my local library and was asked to do a Saturday afternoon program on A.C. Gilbert and his development of science toys.
  • Bob O’Neill’s Museum Display. Bob O’Neill Writes: I set up a display at the National Museum of Transport for the holidays of Erector “stuff” and had my 6’ Ferris wheel, my Zeppelin , my 1931 Hudson locomotive and an airplane I built around a P-58 motor and a bunch of bent and broken parts I had. I also had in a plexiglass case a 10-1/2 set that was given to me still in the factory packing. This generated a lot of interest in the ACGHS as well as a lot of stories from people I met. I had a pile of ACGHS flyers and they all disappeared.
  • Dave Ware’s Erector Display at the East Greenbush, New York Community Library. This display is for the month of August 2011. The cases are only 12″ deep, so the 3 Ferris wheel models had to be modified to fit. The 4 small models were made by Dave’s granddaughters Rebecca, 6 and Lydia, 8.