Model Building Sessions

Have you had a Gilbert display in a public place? Do you have a Gilbert Room that you would like to share? Any other Gilbert related activities? Please contact the Webmaster with your information.

Dave Ware writes: The East Greenbush Library provided a spacious room and on Saturday, October 8, 2013 from 2:30 to 4:30, boys and girls 7 and up were invited to try their hand at building models. Various kits were made up. Each kit included a large picture of the model. As each builder arrived, they were given a sheet that explained that their grandfather, when he was their age, may have build the same model that they would be building today. They put their name and age on the sheet and were helped to select a model that fit their age and the time they had to build. We had 15 builders who made 16 models. I had 20 kits made up. Everyone seemed to have a good time. Note that there was no shortage of girls. My wife Lynne made keychains that said “Go nuts With Erector” and everyone who completed a model received one as a souvenir.

Bob O’Neill writes: As a result of the newspaper article about the 2010 National Convention, I was contacted by my local library and was asked to do a Saturday afternoon program on A.C. Gilbert and his development of science toys. I found it a little scary at first but well worth it. These are pictures at the Kirkwood Public Library were I gave about an hour and a half talk to six kids and their families on the history of Erector, and had a hands on session building basic girders and then letting them loose with a box of parts. The kids and their families had a good time and gave me some good comments. I will use the comments to build upon the program. I hope to do one with the modern Erector/Meccano kits in the spring. Several of the kids have them.