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March 18, 2014 · by David Gilbert · Erector Sets, Klein, Bill, Vehicles & Transport
March 16, 2014 · by David Gilbert · Erector Sets, Machines, Worley, Larry

Larry Worley’s Steam Shovel

Larry writes: This is my Steam Shovel Model per the 1927 manual. It was fun to build and, after several adjustments, it now operates just fine. My dog “Tid-bit” often inspects whatever I’m building.

Larry Worley’s 12 1/2 Walking Giant

Larry writes: Just like every member; since I was a kid I’ve always wanted to build the 12 1/2 “Mysterious Walking Giant” model. Well, here is my example, built per the instructions in the “How To Make ‘Em” manual. The only alteration is that I used two stripped-out CJ’s for the ears.

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Dave Ware’s Steam Shovel

This is a remake of the classic steam shovel. The boom was made moveable instead of fixed. A P49 motor was used with a modified engine # 10 to allow separate controls for the boom and arm; both at low speed. A string was tied to the bucket so that when fully extended, the string would pull on the release, opening the bucket.

Dave Ware’s Walking Giant

The Mysterious Walking Giant is taken from the 12 1/2 set of 1949. The mechanism that gives the giant a walking motion is also connected to flexible shafts that give the arms a swinging motion.


  • Dave Ware's Golf Ball Machine
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Bill Klein’s Gantry with Rocket

Bill Klein writes: An A49 motor moves the gantry back and forth. A plastic rocket launches from the top of the six foot rocket.

Bill Klein’s Female Robot

Bill Klein writes: This is my custom built female robot, powered by an A49 motor that goes forward and reverse.


  • Bill Klein's Fan
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Bill Klein’s Robot

This robot stands 4 feet tall. It walks and turns right and left, has lighted eyes, swinging arms and a motor and track to run each foot.

Bill Klein’s Bulldozer

Bill Klein writes: This custom built bulldozer has a large blade, tracks, forward and reverse operation, and a winch on the back.


  • Bill Klein’s Centrifical Trainer