About the A.C. Gilbert Heritage Society

The A.C. Gilbert Heritage Society is a group of approximately 450 collectors interested in products produced by the former A.C. Gilbert Company of New Haven, Connecticut. These products include Erector sets, American Flyer trains, Mysto Magic sets, Puzzles, Chemistry sets, Microscopes, Appliances, Paper, etc. Explore our Gilbert Products Gallery to learn more.

The ACGHS was formed in 1991 by the late William Harrison, III. Membership includes a quarterly newsletter, membership directory, and eligibility to participate in our annual convention. (Learn more about membership)

The primary objective of the ACGHS is to promote and foster the educational and scientific advancement of the former A.C. Gilbert Company’s Erector sets; and the history and life of its founder, Alfred Carlton Gilbert, his toys, his manufacturing accomplishments, his company, and their impact. More particular purposes are listed below but should not be considered exclusive.

  • To encourage the collection of various A.C. Gilbert scientific toys, literature, advertisements, and related historical articles.
  • To explore the life and history of A.C. Gilbert and his contribution to the lives of many children, his country and the world.
  • To organize and sponsor regional and national meetings for the purpose of exhibiting, selling or exchanging, and discussing A.C. Gilbert scientific toys, and to disseminate related scientific news and views.

By-Laws of the A.C. Gilbert Heritage Society

All members are expected to abide by the rules set forth within the By-Laws. (PDF, 7 pages, 87K)

Any questions about our By-Laws should be referred to the President of the ACGHS. Society business, meeting discussions, questions or comments should also be directed to the president. (Contact the ACGHS President)

ACGHS Newsletters

Newsletters are published in March, June, September, and December. Select a thumbnail above to view pictures of sample newsletter articles, including:

  • Walking Giant Inventory – The newsletter contains articles with tips on restoring your Erector sets just the same as when they left the factory. This article on the inventory of the 1948-50 No. 12 1/2 sets appeared in the March 2005 issue of the newsletter (Volume 15, No. 1).
  • Repairing Cardboard Boxes – The newsletter contains tips on how to repair or restore parts and sets. This article on how to repair boxes and flatten bent inserts and manuals appeared in the March 2005 issue of the newsletter (Volume 15, No. 1).
  • 1958 No. 10072 Musical Ferris Wheel Set Layout Diagram.
  • Gilbert Kaster Sets – The newsletter contains many reviews on non-Erector Gilbert products. This article on the metal casting Kaster Sets appeared in the June 2005 issue of the newsletter (Volume 15, No. 2).

Retrieve an ACGHS Newsletter Index (PDF, 12 pages, 64k), which includes an index of articles from February 1991 – March 2014. Back issues of newsletters are $6 each. To request back issues, please contact our Archives Manager.