Junior Members in the Spotlight

Browse through dozens of photos of Erector models built by our Junior Members. Also see related videos below this photo gallery.

Videos of Junior Member Models

  • Alex Klein’s Airplane Ride
  • Alex Klein’s Outboard Motor Boat
  • Alex Klein’s Transport Plane
  • Kaj Erikson Builds an Erector Model (George Gradek writes: I recently joined up a new junior member, a neighbor boy of ours. Kaj Erikson is 5 years old and on his own accord has been coming over from time to time and likes to build models. See him build in this video. I just let him put parts together anyway he wants. Last time he even brought his 11 year old sister, and she was the one wanting to stay longer. Their father is a logger and everything Kaj makes has something to do with logging or earth moving, as his dad also does septics and general digging.)