Gilbert Products Gallery

The A. C. Gilbert Company was famous for American Flyer trains and the Erector set. However, they produced many other products as well. Samples of Gilbert’s products may be seen by selecting the thumbnails below. Members may view hundreds of detailed product photos and information in our product galleries under the Erector Sets and Other Products headings in the site navigation above. If you would like to join the A.C. Gilbert Heritage Society, please visit our Join the ACGHS page.

Gilbert Erector Sets

Gilbert Erector sets were produced from 1913 until 1988. Actually, the sets from 1913 – 1916 were sold under the Mysto Manufacturing Company name. The business was renamed the A. C. Gilbert Company in 1916. The A. C. Gilbert Company went out of business in 1967 and was sold to Gabriel. Sets were sold by Gabriel under the Gilbert name through 1976. However, the Gabriel, CBS Toys, GAF Viewmaster and Ideal Toys sets that followed continued to use parts originally produced by the Gilbert Company.

American Flyer Trains

Gilbert bought the American Flyer Train company of Chicago in 1938. Production was quickly moved to New Haven, and an O-Gauge train was added to the largest Erector set that year (and up until World War II). American Flyer became Gilbert’s largest selling toy by the 1950s. Gilbert’s biggest competitor was Lionel, which ironically bought Flyer in 1967 when Gilbert went out of business.

Mysto Magic Sets

A. C. Gilbert and John Petrie started selling magic sets in 1909. The company sold magic sets in one form or another through the 1960s.

Puzzle Sets

Wire and dexterity puzzle sets were a popular item sold from the 1910s until the 1960s.

Tool Sets

Gilbert sold tool sets from the 1910s through the 1960s. Early sets came in wooden boxes, later sets in metal boxes. They also produced work benches and table top tools like wood lathes and scroll saws.


The A. C. Gilbert company produced many appliances besides toys. Appliances were produced under the Polar Cub and Gilbert name. In a shrewd marketing move, a company could have Gilbert’s products labeled as their own if they ordered as few as 100 of the product.

Chemistry Sets

Gilbert sold Chemistry Sets from the 1910’s through the 1960’s. Early sets were packed in wooden boxes, later sets in metal boxes.

Microscopes and Lab Sets

Gilbert produced Microscope sets and in combination with Chemistry sets they made Lab sets from the 1920s to the 1960s.

Optics and Physics Sets

Optics sets included experiments with microscopes, telescopes, periscopes, etc. Physics sets contained experiments in fluid mechanics, heat, radiation, etc.

Kaster Sets

Gilbert sold “Kaster” sets from 1931 – 1942. A child could cast lead alloy soldiers, football players, marching bands, circus animals, cowboys and indians with the over 3 dozen molds.

Electrical Sets

Gilbert sold Electrical sets with experiments in magnetics, switches, motors, lights, etc.

Other Toys

The Gilbert company sold many other toys.