Dave Ware’s Electric Train Layout

March 16, 2014 · by David Gilbert · Erector Sets, Other Models, Ware, Dave

This layout was assembled at the 2008 National Convention at Clarksville Indiana. Everything fit in the back seat of a compact car. Shown is the trial fit of the larger parts. Smaller parts sat in the bridge, on the floor, or where ever they would fit. Assembly at the convention site took about 3 hours.

Except for the supporting structure of base plates, all models were from the How to Make “Em Manuals with slight modifications. There were 5 telephone poles, 6 light poles*, a lookout tower*, train station*, waiting station*, cantilever bridge*, crossing gate, signal tower and baggage truck all mounted on the platform. The platform also contained a loop of track. In the middle were a billboard, signal tower* and space needle*. Items with a * had lamps mounted on them. Radio Shack lamp sockets were used.

The train consisted of an engine, coal car, tank car and caboose from the 10 1/2 Electric Train Set. In September of 2008 it was reassembled for a hobby night at our church.

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