Dave Ware’s Giant Power Plant

March 16, 2014 · by David Gilbert · Engines, Erector Sets, Ware, Dave

The Giant Power Plant is a model with lots of action. This is the second time I have built it. I wanted to add even more action, so I added a fan (or is it a windmill) driven off the back shaft of the motor. I also added lights on the ends of the fan blades that are connected with a repro commutator. This makes an interesting effect of a ring of light. The picture catches the blades in stop action, but shows part of the ring. I think this is because the light from the bulbs is captured all the time the camera’s “shutter” is open, but the flash is on for just a small portion of this time and catches the blades in freeze action.

This time I had the luxury of a newer manual that gave detailed directions for building it. This was a great help in certain areas. Last time I just had the usual parts annotated pictures. One thing that I found out was that the motor setup as shown was too slow. Gearing for 3 times the speed gave a much better effect. Also the governor was very much too slow to give any action. Driving at the higher speed and using a P7 drive wheel instead of a motor pulley, allowed the governor to fully extend as shown.

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