Dave Ware’s #12 Walking Beam Engine

March 16, 2014 · by David Gilbert · Engines, Erector Sets, Ware, Dave

This is my version of the No. 12 set (the set that never existed) Walking Beam Engine. I tried to follow the plan as much as possible. However, I found some directions to be wrong or irksome. I couldn’t make sense of what was supposed to be done for the beam support, so I built it to at least look like the plan as much as I could figure. I used MN base plates for the sides of the base as they allowed overlap and could be used without mounting on a board. The rest of the base plates were S and Q as in the original to preserve the same size. Overall, it runs very well and is quite impressive.

I changed the Crosshead and Guides assembly the most. To avoid cutting and bending parts, I used P20 (five hole strips formed) with long screws and 12” rods and rigged anchor points inside the boiler.

I used a P58 as I didn’t have the correct one. This worked very well although it takes a little while for the flywheels to get up to speed. I added S base plates on the underside to mount the motor.

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