Russell Williams’ Mammoth Crane

March 14, 2015 · by David Gilbert · Cranes & Derricks, Erector Sets, Williams, Russell

Before building this crane, I looked at several crane designs on the Internet and incorporated some of the designs in my model. I have given my crane the name “The Mammoth Crane”, representing the new generation of 200,000 ton heavy lift cranes. These are cranes which are platform twin-rig containerized. In the PTC design of these cranes the boom height is as high as 587 feet. In addition, these cranes can lift in excess of 3,500 tons.

My super heavy lift crane weighs about 125 pounds. Over recent months I have taken it through a number of tests. Upon performing a heavy lift test in August 2014 I successfully lifted 40 pounds. This was done with the use of 5 gallon milk jugs filled with water. The boom height of my crane is 8 feet and it has 4 two-speed hoists and 5 motors.

– Russell Williams, March 8, 2015

7 Responses to “Russell Williams’ Mammoth Crane”

  1. Impressive! Thanks for sharing, Russell.

  2. Indeed impressive. Few more gallon jugs and you could pull a stump with that thing.

  3. Captions added to all of Russell’s photos.

  4. This is a magnificent model with intricate mechanisms for the Big Lift. An accomplishment in engineering to construct such a complex model using Erector parts. Thank you for the photos and captions.

  5. Spectacular model, cannot say I have ever seen anything quite like that.

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