Craig Willard’s 1926 White Kelmet Fire Steamer

March 18, 2014 · by David Gilbert · Erector Sets, Vehicles & Transport, Willard, Craig

Craig writes: Here are pictures of a 1926 Erector Kelmet Fire Steamer that I built about a year ago when I was constructing a lot of 1920’s Erector models. There are reproduction Kelmet wheels from Frank Usinski and 1926 side frame girders purchased from Al Ludvisgen. All parts were taken down to bare metal, primed and top coated with 4-5 coats of paint. The motor and steam pistons operate and move in synchronization when voltage is applied to the motor. These are on display in my office at work. The solid oak base and brass engraved nameplate really make this truck stand out. It was painstakingly built with much attention paid to the detail.

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