Charlie Pack’s Double Decker Tourist Bus

March 18, 2014 · by David Gilbert · Erector Sets, Pack, Charlie, Vehicles & Transport

Charlie Pack writes: Here is my version of this No. 7 1/2 set model, with finished seats on both the inside and the upper deck. I used the illustrations in the manual only as a guide, so this model is largely my own design. The chassis is essentially the 1928 version with later DPs for the chassis rails (the 1935 and later nickel plated angle girders are made of thicker material and therefore are stronger).

Instead of the special DQ plates (which I needed to finish a set!), I used MN large base plates painted black for the floor, sides and top of the body (total of 6). The ones on the top are extended at the front to the windshield posts by black Q 11-hole base plates, and to the rear on the right-hand side by black P small 5-hole base plates. Each of the four inside seats is made from three P small 5-hole base plates held together by just two bolts and nuts. Each seat is then bolted to the floor with two more bolts. Each of the five outside seats is made from two P small 5-hole base plates. All of the seats and the upper deck railings are painted red (many of these parts have been re-painted).

At the rear, the boarding platform is made from red Ps and Qs. The steps and step railings are made from perforated strips similar to those in the manual. I installed additional vertical braces at the rear and added grab rails for boarding passengers. The photos should show most of the details of construction.

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