Bill Klein’s Boats

March 18, 2014 · by David Gilbert · Erector Sets, Klein, Bill, Vehicles & Transport

Bill Klein’s River Boat

Bill Klein writes: The boat is powered by an A49 motor. A wood burner has a smoke unit and a red light. The saw on the front cuts the wood. The wood glows red and puts out smoke in the wood burner. The two flywheels run the two upper drive arms to turn the large rear wheel. Two steam cylinders, one each side, run the ship. The motor is hidden down inside the boat. Over head is small traveling crane to move logs around.

Bill Klein’s River Cleanup Paddle Boat

Bill Klein writes: A crane on the front picks up trees out of the water and places them on the large arms where two saws cut them up. They then drop to the bottom of the ship. A conveyer hauls them to the rear. An overhead crane lifts them up to the wood burner to run the ship. Powered by an A49 motor, it has lots of moving parts including a flywheel, two side paddle wheels and one rear paddle wheel. The boat is four feet long, two feet wide.

Bill Klein’s Walking Beam Twin Flywheel Rear Paddle Boat

Walking beam engine with twin flywheels on a rear paddle ship. It has a lifting hoist on the rear of the ship. It has axes splitting wood and woodburner with wood in it to make heat to make steam and an A49 motor in the bottom of the ship to run the flywheels. See video below.

Bill Klein’s Ore Boat

This nine foot ship is a model of one that was used to haul ore from the mines to the plants by way of the great lakes.


  • Bill Klein’s walking beam twin flywheel rear paddle boat
  • Bill Klein’s river paddle boat
  • Bill Klein’s double paddle wheel boat

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