Larry Worley’s “B” Ferris Wheel

March 14, 2014 · by David Gilbert · Amusement Park Rides, Erector Sets, Worley, Larry

Larry writes: I finally finished my B Model Ferris Wheel. It ran a bit jerky at first, but after a few adjustments and a good oiling it now runs smooth. I designed my version after the beautiful example that Bill Bean had created. I saw it when we visited his collection during the Dayton convention last year. I just couldn’t get that thing out of my head, so I built mine along the design of his. I had the usual problem getting the outer EZ’s to form a true circle at first. Then I remembered Doc’s tip on this problem and that really helped. The wheel with the eight gondolas is massive and a little heavy. I had to use two A49s to drive it. Of course, no model is really complete until the MX House is added.

Just to make it interesting to the viewer I experimented with various gearing and transmissions until I settled on these.

  • Video of Larry Worley's Ferris wheel in action

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