Dave Ware’s Tandem Horse Carousel

March 14, 2014 · by David Gilbert · Amusement Park Rides, Erector Sets, Ware, Dave

Dave Ware writes: This is the standard carousel modified to have one horse behind the other.

Recently I was trying to impress one of my grandsons, who is into K’Nex, with the great things I could build with Erector sets. I showed him my carousel. He was not too impressed. In fact he had built one with his K’Nex and it had tandem horses. The only concession that he made was that Erector used screws and nuts so it held together better. So, I had to meet the challenge and modified my carousel to have tandem horses. This is how it was done.

The tandem horses are linked with the mechanism shown. AA Eccentric Cranks are used as before to connect to the drive rods. The 9 washers used as spacers could be replaced with a pair of locking screws.

To make room for the tandem horses, the original horses were moved in by replacing the 7 1/2” drive rods with 7” ones and replacing the guide rod brackets with CH Right Angles. The outer guide rods are held in place with N long double angles mounted to the EZ outer bottom ring with O Pawls and S57 1 3/8 screws. The horses are attached to the guide rods with O pawls as before.

The carousel actually runs smoother than the original due to the balancing effect of the double horses.

  • Watch a video of Dave Ware’s Tandem Horse Carousel

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