Bill Klein’s Airplane Rides & Parachute Jumps

March 14, 2014 · by David Gilbert · Amusement Park Rides, Erector Sets, Klein, Bill

Bill Klein’s Elevated Airplane Ride

Bill Klein writes: Climb the stairs to the airplane ride for higher thrills.

Bill Klein’s 4 Parachute Jump

Bill Klein writes: The original four parachute jump was used in the military to train guys to parachute from airplanes.

Bill Klein’s 8 Parachute Jump

Bill Klein writes: The jump is eight foot six inches tall and fifteen inches across at the base. It is powered with an A49 motor and modified heavy duty winch.

Bill Klein’s Small Airplane Ride

Bill writes: This small airplane ride has Kaster kit airplanes.

Bill Klein’s Rocket Jets

Here is Bill’s version of Dr. Prune’s model.

  • Watch a video of the Rocket Jets

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