More of Bruce Hansen’s Amusement Park Rides

March 14, 2014 · by David Gilbert · Amusement Park Rides, Erector Sets, Hansen, Bruce

Bruce Hansen’s Airplane Ride

Bruce Hansen writes: This is the Airplane Ride built from a 1955 No. 4 1/2 set. The motor was turned with a key and provided about 30 seconds of power to spin the airplanes.

Bruce Hansen’s Circle Swing Ride

Bruce Hansen writes: This Circle Swing model built from a 1916 #6 type I set is the obvious predecessor to the Airplane ride lead model of the 6 ½ set. The model is driven by a P-58 motor (I used a rubber band instead of string to drive the gear box). The motor spins the “canoes” at about 30 RPM’s.

Bruce Hansen’s Double Ferris Wheel

Bruce Hansen writes: This is a Double Ferris Wheel model. It uses two classic #8 ½ set wheels supported by an “H” frame. The A49 motor drives “H” frame and string/pulleys are used to turn the wheels.

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