Fred Hachmeyer’s Airplane Ride

March 14, 2014 · by David Gilbert · Amusement Park Rides, Erector Sets, Hachmeyer, Fred

Fred Hachmeyer's airplane ride

Fred Writes: My model is based on the Erector book, but I decided that a more detailed airplane was called for. I came up with a biplane design that uses three B girders for the fuselage, a 4 hole triangle and two CH angles for the tail assembly, a 5 hole perforated strip and large washer for the landing gear, and two MF flat plates for the wings. I also modified the rotating support arms in an attempt to make them more substantial than the Gilbert design. I added a small ball bearing at the top of the tower to support the rotating assembly and reduce the load on the motor and gears. My next idea for this one is to build an 8 sided platform around the tower below the airplanes to represent the platform that people would walk on when boarding the ride. I also need to add the MX house to represent the ticket booth, and some kind of staircase leading up to the boarding platform. Another improvement I have in mind is to add lights, I don’t think I will ever be able to get any of the original Gilbert Illumination kits so I am working on a homemade equivalent.

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