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    David Gilbert

    Russ Schuster writes: Hello, I was wondering how to get a DC3 Motor. My grandson is now interested in my old Erector set, but the motor is not working. Thanks! Russ Schuster (schuster1953@embarqmail.com).


    Gregory Guidarelli

    The problem may simply be not enough DC current (amps). The old early DC motors ran on dry cell batteries tow or three wired in series for 30A 3.0-4.5V. An HO train transformer will not make the grade you need a DC bench power supply such as the Dr.meter 30V 5A DC Power Supply on Amazon that is what I use https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01KJZIFE8/ref=abs_brd_tag_dp?smid=A2KV19AYUKS3X0. Also, use some Deox-It brand contact cleaner to clean the copper plates on the shaft with a lint free swab, get the 100% concentrate that goes for $30 for small 2 oz bottle it is well worth it. It is a deep red liquid, the cheaper spray can is watered down to 5% don’t use it.. A few drops of SYNTHETIC model train oil on shaft. Look around for the booklet AC Gilbert’s fun with your motor it shows everything you need to completely rebuild or rewind one. I have a complete high resolution close up scanned copy of that manual on Facebook in my group “A.C. Gilbert and All Things Erector”. Look at photo albums area. Have him join, but the albums section should be open to public. A well oiled clean motor will draw a little less than 2.5A and run well at 2V, but, the start up draw peaks at over 3A which is beyond any modern HO train transformer. A motor in good working condition goes for around $100 on ebay. Also check out Joel Perlin’s Metal construction toys page and give him a call I have purchased many times from him he is my go to for early parts. http://www.metalconstructiontoys.com/ Good Luck ! Greg Guidarelli Sylmar CA.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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