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    David Gilbert

    Cesar Zevallos ( writes: “I own a Gilbert Chemistry set from 1970 and want to know the chemical list to use again the chemistry set and make experiments with my daughters. Thanks very much!”


    Gregory Guidarelli

    Keep your eye on eBay for the 1936 Gilbert Chemistry set manual it is a booklet about 100 pages …. that one is the most detailed of any of them both in terms of numbers of chemicals referenced and the specific labs. The 70’s era sets had a subset of those chemicals. Also look at DIY magazine’s Chemistry books they have a lot of labs and are more formalized perhaps a 8th grade introduction to high school chemistry. Getting the children to memorize the periodic table and learning to balance chemical equations the earlier the better with respect to doing well in bio tech classes in college, it looks like your girls are fortunate to have such a caring father. Also reference the scientific online web site that vendor bought out the former Edmund scientific. They are good for glassware and beakers. They even have a cloud chamber like the Gilberet Nuclear lab set and two of the original four radioactives old AC used to sell.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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