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March 24, 2016 · by David Gilbert · News

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Alex Dominguez writes (July 13, 2017):

I’m curious when someone will be listing any of the early Type I Erector Set manuals. So far I’ve been pretty disappointed in the lack of help from fellow “members” wanting to help out new members. I’m fairly new to collecting. I have a ton of the 30s through 50s sets and have all the manuals for those, but recently started collecting the original sets. I’ve got about 4 or 5 box sets but no manuals for any of them. I’ve posted multiple comments here on the Gilbert Exchange reaching out to members, but no one seems to want to help.

I’m a young and new collector and have read every monthly news booklets you’ve sent and the consistent statement over and over again is your trying to get more younger collectors to keep the torch going but the frustration comes when none of the veteran members are willing to reach out and help. I’ve offered to pay, offered to do whatever and still not one response. I’m sorry for venting out my frustration, it’s just the Society wants to keep this going but I don’t see how I’ll want to re subscribe next year for lack of response from any members. Do you guys only talk to each other, just looking for a branch to reach out. Not looking for a handout, just looking for information so I know what I need to be looking for when I buy and collect the older box sets. With so many parts it’s easy to be scanned on parts you’re just not sure of. I’ve used the gallery to view some parts but that only goes so far.

All I’m asking is if someone can list just one of the older manuals from the very first Erector sets. It just seems like it’s a hidden secret. It’s hard to find anywhere out there to buy an original manual and I’m pretty sure most members have those sets. Just need anyone to post one in our members area or get in contact with me and sell me one or sell me a scan of one. I again apologize for the venting, I’m just new to the society and was extremely excited to join but have been recently been loosing that excitement lately. Please let me know if there’s anyone that can help with a what I feel is a very simple request. Alex Dominguez (

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  1. ***WANTED*** any or all of the early 1920’s parts for the compass rose (full and 1/2 dial) the pointer, parts number AN AO and AP. The were used for the odometer and scale models in the #10 sets. Rumor has it there were some high quality reproductions made years ago, either those reproductions or originals are desired. Please email me a picture and your price.

  2. Thought I might add my email and phone to my query about wooden box labels. ( or ph: 208 258-3377).

  3. HELP:

  4. I found this ratcheting gear in a box of Gilbert Type !! parts. Is this a Gilbert part? I have been unable to find it in any searches.

  5. ***WANTED*** I am wanting the CAST wheels, “White” Radiator, and rear end that were used on the Buddy L WHITE trucks and was told someone in the society was casting them but have not found out who. If anyone has any info please let me know.
    Thank you

  6. I’m new to the ACGHS. Nice site! I recently acquired two (2) Gilbert # 10055 erector sets that I am trying to track down a parts list for. I’ve been through your listing but do not see this specific model, which I believe was originally sold through Wards. Can anyone shed some light on this?

  7. I have done some more research and discovered that the 10055 is the Wards brand of the 10051 that was sold through other channels. Thus, your list of parts is adequate. Thanks for the interest.

  8. Hi, first time here. Just scored a 1916 no. 4, and I’m in need of instruction manual (may have come with 2). Reproductions are fine if suitable originals can’t be found. Any help will be greatly appreciated ( I’ll owe ya one also).



  9. Son Greg and I are refurbishing a Hudson loco and tender. The P58 motor could use a rebuild. Does anyone know of anyone who does this work or of a source for motor parts such as cotton covered wire, brushes etc.? By the way, on disassembly we found that several of the original brass wheel bushings were broken or worn out. After some experimentation we created an acceptable substitute using an Alumilite Mini casting kit. The new bushings are made of resin v brass but look ok with a coat of gold paint.
    Will appreciate any input on the P58 question.

  10. I am looking to acquire a Glass Blowing Kit for my private collection. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I recently joined ACGHS and so far it’s fantastic!

    Thanks in advance.


  11. Looking to buy a 10083 or 10082. Anyone looking to sell?

  12. Am new and looking for instructions manuals and cleaning tips. Some parts are chrome and some are dull

  13. I am looking to acquire a complete Atomic Energy Lab. Anyone out there have one for sale?

    Thanks in advance.

    Richard Stegall

  14. Can anyone confirm for me that the # 10055 set sold by Wards in the early 1960’s is the same as a # 6 1/2 Model 10051? I am trying to assemble a complete unit for one of my grandchildren who is mechanically inclined.

  15. Im semi-new to the site. Was hoping someone might have either an original or reproduction manual for the early Type I Parts. 1912s and up Myst. I’ve looked through the site and the earliest I can find is 1929. I’m trying to specifically only buy the Type I parts for now but can’t track down a pictorial page of the parts list or a manual that I could buy. If anyone has one or is willing to sell me one I would live it. I’m in Glendale, Az. My number is 602 391-4552 or you can email me at

    Thank you

  16. Again I’m very new to the site. Was wondering if anyone was willing to sell some parts needed for the Master Builder set. Email me or text me. or 602 391-4552

  17. All, if you are a seller or collector of vintage 1920s through the 50s Erector Sets. I will be listing shortly through various websites a large collection. If you are interested please email me directly and let me know what years you are looking for. Have tons of boxes of Type I and Type II parts. Have box sets as well. Too big to list here so please be specific what you are looking for. In addition have a huge Meccano box set collection as well. All of this is the very old box set ranging from Outfits 2 through the biggest outfit 10 which is a 3 layer box set. All the very old antique pieces. Here’s the email address again if you are interested.

    Also still looking for some original Type I manuals if you have them.

  18. I’m looking to purchase a complete Atomic Energy Lab. If anyone knows of one, please let me know.



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