Gilbert Family Photo Gallery

Photographs of Alfred C. Gilbert, A.C. Gilbert, Jr., and related images of the A.C. Gilbert Company of New Haven, Conn. Alfred Carlton Gilbert was born Feb. 13, 1884, at Salem, Oregon, and died January 24, 1961, at New Haven, Conn. Alfred Carlton Gilbert, Jr., was born Dec. 1, 1919 at New Haven, Conn., and died June 28, 1964, at New Haven, Conn. Photos courtesy of the Gilbert family.

The Commemorative Erector set pictured above is accompanied by a plaque that carries the following inscription:

This is one of the first ERECTOR sets
made in 1913 by the Mysto Manufacturing Company
predecessor of The A.C. Gilbert Company
and presented to Mr. A.C. Gilbert in
commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Company

1909  –  1959