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March 24, 2016 · by David Gilbert · News

John Bryson III writes (March 23, 2017):

High Wire Bicycle Rider. Hi, I’m looking to build the “High Wire Bicycle Rider” model. I’ve never seen an example of this model featured on the inside left lid of the 1960 no. 10084. I don’t have this set in my collection, and no access to the proper How to make em manual. If you can point me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time. John Bryson III (

Carl L. Mount writes (March 18, 2017):

My wife’s aunt recently passed and left her four Erector sets: 1938 8 1/2 ferris wheel, 1949 9 1/2 ferris wheel, 1951 10 1/2 amusement park, and engineer’s set 10171. We have all the boxes and lots of components. What I am looking for is a parts detail of what came in each kit and quantities/instruction. Any details you could provide would be appreciated. Thank You. Carl Mount (

Roy J. Arlotto writes (March 11, 2017):

I have a modest collection of 10 vintage Gilbert chemistry sets. I have two that I can find no reference info on: “Little Jim Chemistry Outfit for Boys” (1922 manual included) and a Gilbert set that feature “Plastics and Glass”, including an M5839 flier. I could send pictures if I knew where to send them and to whom. Roy J. Arlotto (

Michelle Ainsworth writes (March 8, 2017):

Merle Carnegie’s Mysto Erector book – My name is Michelle and I am currently researching Mysto magic sets. Merle Carnegie’s book “The Mysto Erector: The Story of the Mysto Manufacturing Company” has been highly recommended. Any information you can offer on how I might purchase a copy will be most appreciated. Thanks. Michelle Ainsworth (

John Sequino writes (March 8, 2017):

Maraldene Kennels – I am in search of person(s) that would have expertise in the area of Mr Gilbert’s Maraldene Kennels and his German Shepherd Dogs.  I have original documents, photographs and the Maraldene Kennel booklet highlighting  the top dogs in the kennel as well as a hand written notebook/log of breeding’s and litters that were conducted dating back to 1925. I would love to get in touch with an expert or historian that would be able to appraise the documents.Thank you for your time, John Sequino (

Alison Goolsby writes (March 4, 2017):

Selling Erector Sets: My father (age 73) started collecting Erector Sets probably about 20 years ago or more. He now has an entire room in his house dedicated to his hobby. However, he has decided to move from his current home to be closer to my brother and his family, so he is downsizing. He’s overwhelmed with the amount of stuff he has to go through in the house and doesn’t really know what to do with all of her Erector Sets and parts. I realize that he could try to sell them on eBay, but he’s just not up to the task. I was wondering if there’s any way to find interested collectors through your organization, especially someone living in the Houston area, where my father is currently living. Any information you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Alison Goolsby (

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  1. ***WANTED*** any or all of the early 1920’s parts for the compass rose (full and 1/2 dial) the pointer, parts number AN AO and AP. The were used for the odometer and scale models in the #10 sets. Rumor has it there were some high quality reproductions made years ago, either those reproductions or originals are desired. Please email me a picture and your price.

  2. Thought I might add my email and phone to my query about wooden box labels. ( or ph: 208 258-3377).

  3. HELP:

  4. I found this ratcheting gear in a box of Gilbert Type !! parts. Is this a Gilbert part? I have been unable to find it in any searches.

  5. ***WANTED*** I am wanting the CAST wheels, “White” Radiator, and rear end that were used on the Buddy L WHITE trucks and was told someone in the society was casting them but have not found out who. If anyone has any info please let me know.
    Thank you

  6. I’m new to the ACGHS. Nice site! I recently acquired two (2) Gilbert # 10055 erector sets that I am trying to track down a parts list for. I’ve been through your listing but do not see this specific model, which I believe was originally sold through Wards. Can anyone shed some light on this?

  7. I have done some more research and discovered that the 10055 is the Wards brand of the 10051 that was sold through other channels. Thus, your list of parts is adequate. Thanks for the interest.

  8. Hi, first time here. Just scored a 1916 no. 4, and I’m in need of instruction manual (may have come with 2). Reproductions are fine if suitable originals can’t be found. Any help will be greatly appreciated ( I’ll owe ya one also).



  9. Son Greg and I are refurbishing a Hudson loco and tender. The P58 motor could use a rebuild. Does anyone know of anyone who does this work or of a source for motor parts such as cotton covered wire, brushes etc.? By the way, on disassembly we found that several of the original brass wheel bushings were broken or worn out. After some experimentation we created an acceptable substitute using an Alumilite Mini casting kit. The new bushings are made of resin v brass but look ok with a coat of gold paint.
    Will appreciate any input on the P58 question.

  10. I am looking to acquire a Glass Blowing Kit for my private collection. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I recently joined ACGHS and so far it’s fantastic!

    Thanks in advance.


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